Yesterday, I decided to take the pile of newspapers, old phonebooks, the 30 new phonebooks, magazines, catalogs, etc to the recycling center. I do this every few months when I can no longer stand to look at the overflowing pile of paper. When I got to the recycling center, I thought to myself "This is strange." There were 4 other cars unloading their recycle-ables as well. Which, in fact, is good a good thing. But I've never seen so many cars there before. As the 'crowd' thinned out, I edged into a spot and started unloading. While, at the same time, another lady was unloading her plastics from her 'Trader Joe's' bags. She leaves and I'm still unloading. As I finish up and am making my way back into the car, I see she has left one of her 'Trader Joe's' bags in front of the 'dumpster' for plastics. I think to myself again, "This is strange." I walk over to the bag and take a peak inside and see there is trash inside this bag, which she has left sitting at the recycling station. What the eff?? Are you kidding me??? Doesn't this action defeat the whole purpose? She's shopping at 'Trader Joe's', which usually, by itself indicates a certain mind-set/lifestyle and she's recycling, which again, usually indicates , that same mind-set. But then she goes and leaves a bag of trash, on the ground at the RECYLCING STATION.
The only 'good' explanation that I could come up with is that she's probably got a W'04 sticker on the back of her car. Call me crazy.
Ok, so if anyone actually reads my blog, you may have noticed that all of my posts have gone missing. Yuppers. All of 'em. Gotta love it.
Can't get into details, but it's as a result from my own stupidity. So, here we go. Take 2. I'm going to try this again.
I'm temporarily out of order. Stay tuned!