Sad State of Affairs

It has been one month since I have posted anything.

And that's just posting.
Nevermind reading.
Reading a post?
What in blue blazes could that be?

I feel like I am letting you all down.
Like I have you on a yo-yo.
Such was not my intention.

But dial-up with a 22K connection?
Uh, fecking sucks. yes, I said fecking.
Reading with same said connection?

To be honest, I cannot even remember when the last time I signed on the computer here at home.
And this just touches on the computer issue.
Which is the major issue.
I mean, MAJOR.

I miss you all.
I do.
You too Phenom.
I got your email.
I'm here.
I'm alive and well.
I just cannot stomach the internet with a connection that moves slower than molasses in Canada in January.

I'm thinking of you all.
Missing you all.
And feeling much like a cavewoman.

8 ripples in the pond:

Maigh said...

It's not about us, baby girl. It's about you. What you need. Your space. Your room. Your cave.

We're patient. Be patient with yourself...mmmmkay? It's all about the love.

flutter said...

love you

liv said...

girl. just, girl.


jen said...

you could never disappoint.

alejna said...

I'm glad to hear that you are alive and well. I'll look forward to catching up when circumstances allow you to move out of your cavedwelling. (Any chance you'll get a better internet connection? A super slow one would drive me batty beyond belief. But then again, maybe I'd get more work done...)

carrie said...

Thank you for checking in Tabba. Take care of yourself.

Thinking of you --

phenom said...

I've got the movie Almost Famous on my iPod - one of the best parts of the movie is when the daughter tells her mom "Feck you!" Glad to hear you're still around. Always remember that THE pace is YOUR pace. We're merely along for the ride. :)

KC said...

Hey! Was wondering how you were doing. Poor connections though...maddening.