My Latest Obsession

I know I've been sparce.
Beautiful weather has been beckoning the famiglia de Ravioli outside.
And I'm weak.
I'm a sucker for warm, sunny days.
And the smell of Water Babies sunblock on my kids' rounded arms.
All while I hold a sweaty glass bottle in my hand and throw my head back to wash the
cold adult beverage down my dry throat.
This song goes well with all of that.

Cape Cod Kwasaa Kwasaa by Vampire Weekend

2 ripples in the pond:

liv said...

glad you're enjoying yourself in spring fever, sweetie.

Becc said...

Haven't checked in in awhile. But wanted to let you share in my joy. I'm going to Madeleine Peyroux's concert with my sister this upcoming Weds! I am so excited! If only a fine bottle of wine could join us...