Sunday Morning Song of the Moment

I've had a song simmering on the backburner for a few weeks and decided this week would be the week to share it.

Then, oh no, I had to be reminded of this video and since I had not seen it in awhile, figured I'd share it instead.

Last Monday, in my Topics class (Western Psych. vs. Buddhism - or vice versa), my instructor was trying to drive the point home about self/not-self. For us Westerners this is a complex, difficult ideology to grasp. So he showed us a short film based on a short-story by Kurt Vonnegut. In it were two young actors - a wiley, geeky looking Christopher Walken and an adolescent-looking Susan Sarandon.
After the film two of my classmates & I (who seem inexplicably drawn to each other) began professing our great love for Walken.
I brought up the Fatboy Slim video Weapon of Choice.
And we collectively began discussing how each of us couldn't believe it was him when we first saw that video years ago.

So that is my shared song today.
Weapon of Choice by Fatboy Slim.
Won't you join me in paying homage to Walken.
All hail, Walken.

11 ripples in the pond:

Joker The Lurcher said...

blimey! thats some dancing!

Tricia said...

Oh! Oh! Oh! I LOVE that video. And I love Christopher Walken. I had no idea he could dance like that until I saw that video. I only wish I had some fine champonyah to drink while enjoying those incredible moves!

That made my morning, Tabba. Thanks for that. And now, for some reason I have a strange urge to watch The Deer Hunter.

flutter said...

my favorite EVER. Christopher Walken rules the universe. Do you remember him as "The Continental" On saturday night live? Oh lordy....

Thanks Tabba this rules.

liv said...

have ALWAYS but always loved this. He was great as the continental, flutter, but I really loved him as Colonel Angus.

deb said...

I love Christopher Walken. He's an odd man but very endearing. Loved the dancing.

alejna said...

I love that video, too. I also share a fondness for Christopher Walken.

Few people understand that really, what we need is more cowbell.

Tabba said...

Rav's & My favorite will always and forever be "more cowbell".

But The Continental ROCKS.
So does Colonel Angus.

You just can't go wrong with Sir Walken ( & yes, I am a Queen. So I can go ahead and dub him that) :)

So glad all my girls enjoyed!

jen said...

All hail Walken, indeed.

Aliki2006 said...

All hail! I can't believe that dancing--he's on fire! I love that video--thanks for reminding me how much I love Walken!

Pippajo said...

The Continental, More Cowbell, this video, good times, good times!

This video must have been so much fun to shoot!

carrie said...

I haven't seen this one is a long time! The dude has got some moves, and he rocks when he isn't playing some creep! :)