Sunday Morning Song of the Moment

Are you totally confused yet?

Yeah, I'm cheating.
Today is Tuesday & I'm posting my song today.

We had some unforeseen stuff go down this weekend & it could not be helped that Sunday got pushed back to Tuesday.
Eh. Sometimes you just gotta roll with it.

I'm taking 10 minutes for myself to quickly check in on some of my old haunts out here.
I miss it.
I miss you all & the window(s) in which you allow me to peek inside of your funny, zany, happy, silly, sometimes chaotic, crazy, sometimes emotional, normal lives.
I'm finding it very hard to balance everything right now.

Anyway....I started reading a post on Phenom's blog & the song that I wanted to share two days ago popped into my head.
So I said f*ck it.
I'll share it today.
Pretend for a minute, if you will, that it is a lazy Sunday morning.
Close your eyes and just pretend.
Listen to the song & let it take you away for a moment.
Go on.
Do it.
Go ahead.
It'll do you some good.

Quiet Town by Josh Rouse

8 ripples in the pond:

thailandchani said...

I am glad you post these songs. Almost to a song, they are all new to me. :)

phenom said...

That's a cool song!

Tabba said...

chani & phenom: so, so glad you enjoyed this song :)
nothing pleases me more to know that a song I have chosen strikes a chord within you all out there.

flutter said...

Oh Tabba this is lovely

carrie said...

Sorry life is crazy for you right now. I hope you find your balance soon!

And thanks for the song and the little escape from Tuesday! :)

Pippajo said...

Oh I hate unforeseen stuff going down. It always seems to find me, too.

But, as always, just keep plugging along, doing what you gotta go. And thanks for the songs. Artistic enrichment is always a good thing and dreadfully hard to find in the every day world.

Wayfarer Scientista said...

yes, I was totally confused. I'm glad you explained :0 Because knowing me I would have believe it WAS Sunday and then why was I at work?

Denguy said...

A most excellent song.