Apparently I Am The Queen Mum

Last night, I got approximately 1.4 hours of sleep.
I have a cold that is sticking it to me where the sun don't shine.
And it is that reason that I did not sleep last night.

Oh, how I wished that I did not have to shower, get dressed, drive to work and put on a happy face for my cute little preschoolers.
I just wanted to stay in bed.
Scratch that.
It wasn't necessarily that I wanted to stay in bed.
I needed to stay in bed.

Alas, I got dressed and waited for the day to get started.
I was taking care of some last minute curriculum planning this morning when the phone rings.
And it's Rav.

He is on his way to drop Gracie off at my in-laws to be cared for while we work.
Rav says You want to hear something funny?
I think to myself: as long as it's funny a la it's actually Saturday morning and we've all gotten our days screwed up, which means I can go back to bed. That's the only funny I want to hear.
But that would be mean to tell him to shove it.

So I say Yeah, I guess. (which is oh, so much better)

He says So, we're in the car and I say to Gracie 'Who is my most special girl?' And she says, 'ME!!!'. And then I say to her 'Are you my princess?'. To which she replies 'No. No I am not a princess! You can just call me Queen.'

I laugh genuinely and say Oh, no. That is just no good.

Rav says Yeah. I thought I'd just share that with you so we both know what we're up against.

True dat.

15 ripples in the pond:

alejna said...

As Queen Mum, you surely deserve a day lounging in bed.

You want to know something funny? (Well, not really that funny.) When I was a little girl, and my friends and I played "royalty," I never wanted to be the princess. I always wanted to play the Queen Mum. I called myself "The Elderly."

Aliki2006 said...

Being Queen sounds SO much better than being a princess! Good for Grace--and, yes, I guess you had better be prepared for what you'll be up against!

phenom said...

Embrace the day! Rock and Roll ain't noise pollution!! Don't let fatigue beat you!!!!

Yeah, it sounds good, right? *yawn*

liv said...

Be afraid. Very afraid.

Beck said...

Some days are just so tiring and so hard, Queen Mother or no. They won't last forever.

Her Grace said...

Oh dear. Better to prepare yourself now :).

KC said...

That's precious. And scary. But mainly precious. (I think I've got a Queen in the making too.)

Feel better, love.

Pgoodness said...

Aww, sorry you're not feeling well. The Queen, eh? At least you know where you stand?! Love the pic.

flutter said...

well, duh! Of course she's the Queen, who else could run the entire house with sunglasses like those?

deb said...

Good luck with her,you're gonna need it. Hope you feel better soon.

Magpie said...

She is funny. Feel better.

Super B's Mom said...

HAHA! Love it!

She's got power and she's not afraid to use it!

Hope you feel better!

Tabba said...

Everyone - thank you for your well wishes...after a day of pill popping I think this bastard of a cold might just be a tad bit under control.

As far as the girl...she is what she is :)

Alejna - effing hysterical! "The Elderly"!!!

slackermommy said...

I've got three of those at my house and they are all vying to be number one.

Rest up, girl. You going to need it.

Pamela said...

Haha That's so great. When I have a little girl, I can only hope that she has the same attitude! Better the queen than the princess, any day.

I can't believe you were able to drag yourself out of bed feeling like that... There's some nasty cold going around EVERYWHERE