Sunday Morning Song of the Moment

I really have been out of the music loop lately. I'm usually on the prowl for little known artists and songs. But so many other things have been keeping me away from it.

Things like my first baby heading off to all-day kindergarten.
And this fact has had me reflecting quite a bit about just how fast time flies.

We were visiting parents of some good friends of ours last weekend.
And we began to talk about the kids.
And I said to Mr. & Mrs. S. It seems like it was just five minutes ago we came over here with Connor in his infant car seat.
It does feel like that was just five minutes ago.
I've been trying to remind myself that our financial situation isn't always going to be like this.
The kids won't be this little that much longer, that I'll be finished school sometime soon, and things will change.

And all of this is good.
All of it.
The hard, the easy, the heart-wrenching, the anticipation.

And the other thing?
I am happy.
We are happy.

And nothing encapsulates all of this for me like the following song.
Mushaboom by Feist

4 ripples in the pond:

deb said...

I love that song and you're right, today isn't forever. It'll pass by so quickly and you'll look back and wonder. My husband I were talking a few months ago and I asked him why I worked so much when the kids were little and he reminded me we needed the money. Now they're almost grown and I don't have to work so much. It's too bad it works out that way.
It's good you're happy sweetie.

jen said...

happiness is good. so, so good.

flutter said...

Oh I love it, and I love your perspective.

KC said...

I hope too. For us. For our children.