Hunting and Gathering

It's the weekend. And traffic goes down on this here blog during the weekends. Therefore, stand-by for tomorrow's usual. And I'll get into my mercy post(s) on Monday or Tuesday. I'm taking this down-time to do a little researchin' and to gather my thoughts.
If you're really desperate to read my stuff (and I can't imagine that you are, but hey, I'll take a shot in the dark) read some of my archives. There are 300+ posts to chose from. You're bound to find something.
Enjoy the day!

2 ripples in the pond:

Kerry said...

You're so funny!
I feel the same way about the weekends, and I think I do my "best" writing then, lol.
Oh well.

Pippajo said...

Well, I haven't kept to my promise of blogging every day, but I have now blogged more this weekend than I usually do. I'm hoping it gets and keeps the creative juices flowing. Nothing irks me more than feeling completely uncreative when I sit down to blog!

And just wanted to remind you, even though I haven't been commenting lately, I've been reading everything!