Necessary Silence

I need to be silent. I cannot post about inane things.
My mind is on Virginia Tech and the lives making their way, trying to make sense, moving on and of course...
the lives lost.

I will be back when I can say something meaningful about this.
Or when I feel it is appropriate to chatter on about whatever.

Let us be thankful, mindful, aware, and vigilant.

Our world is hurting.
Our people are hurting.
Let's heal.

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jen said...


thailandchani said...

Amen as well. I've been posting about it for the past few days. After this morning's post, I need some silence, too.



Pippajo said...

I'll be keeping silent vigil with you.

Jen said...

after reading comments from students and faculty about how they had long considered the shooter to be disturbed in some way, but had no real avenue to follow through on their concerns, i was reminded of the story you shared with us about rav's ex-coworker. it stinks. i bet we all know or have known SOMEONE who has made us wonder about their propensity for antisocial/criminal behavior. but what can we do when that is the case? nothing, from what i can tell. it's just like the situation with my ex-husband. i can't do anything to keep him from our child unless and until he does something REALLY bad (and i somehow have evidence) and i can finally prove to the court that he is a danger.