Sunday Morning Song of the Moment

Since I've been using Youtube now for my Sunday songs, I had contemplated going back & trying to find Youtube videos for songs I've already posted. But I felt like that was cheating a bit. However....the fact that today this song resonates with me the same if not a little more is a sign it should be reshared. And the video is so endearing.
Going back to the song that started it all, on a whim I found it on Youtube. And while I was going to post something serious in light of April 30th for the one day blog silence, I think this is just as fitting.
It's full of love.
And I thought it would be great to go back and share the song rather than just the lyrics on a blog page.

It's full of love.
And it is oh-so fitting.

Love has no bounds.
It has no shape, no color, no end.
I wrap you all and everyone in this country (those who walked away from Virginia Tech, those who did not, those who are rich, those who are poor. Those who are angry, who are sad, who are suffering, those who are happy) in a blanket of love. And hope that tomorrow and everyday following will shine brighter for us all.
Please, take a minute and enjoy this wonderful, sweet, beautiful song.

2 ripples in the pond:

thailandchani said...

Cute song! :) Nice thoughts...



Anonymous said...

That was a lovely song. Thank you.