For Those Of You Who Watch 'Lost'....

I was sitting in class last night & we were going over Philosophies of the Enlightenment (the 17th Century). And there were two philosophers they highlighted...... One being a man named John Locke - who viewed children as tabula rasa (blank slates). He believed in not bribing your children with material things, but rather praise. He was also opposed to physical punishment. And can I just add here that, Episode 3 of Season 1 was named 'Tabula Rasa'!?

The next philosopher highlighted was Jean Jacques Rousseau - a french philosopher. Who believed children were noble savages, meaning they were naturally endowed with a sense of right and wrong.

Anyway.....I was in class & saw these two names. I (almost) blurted out in the middle of lecture, "Does anyone here watch 'Lost'??" But was able to contain myself. Instead, I came home & showed Ravioli, who also, thought it was pretty cool.
Coincidence? Maybe.
Am I a Geek? No doubt.

3 ripples in the pond:

Pippajo said...

Sorry, but I cannot really comment on this as I have never watched, Lost." Heh, that didn't stop me from commenting anyway, did it?

I have a hard time not blurting out HP things in church, if that's any consolation.

Tabba said...

Yes, Yes it is!!! Cutie.

Jon said...

I doubt it's coincidence, Tabba. One of the neat things about Lost is that it's layered so that folks so inclined can look a little deeper, and find those little hidden nuggets of symbolism. But even if you don't get them, the show still works (usually).