Can't Complain

I wasn't planning on my 'Sunday Morning' song being a 'Monday Morning' song, as well. If I would have known that the song would be up for that long, I would've picked a better one. Oh well. The day got away from me. Days can be funny that way.

On the subject of music. I have a little project on the horizon that I'm pretty excited about. The last time my dad & stepmom were here with my brothers, my stepmom Eileen, was saying she's sick of the music that's on the radio (and Delaware does not have the greatest of choices). I instantly perked up when she said this. I quickly chirped in that I'd be happy to make her a CD....or two.....or three. She became very excited and said she would love it. I thought to myself, how cool is this? One of the two people who really fostered my love for music is interested in me compiling a CD for them. I'm stoked. Remember here. And here. And here. I chattered on and on about my love of all things musical. And Eileen's role in that. So, this is, needless to say, exciting for me. I hope that she'll enjoy the tracks I have to lay down for her. This is right up my alley.

On a complete and totally different subject.........I have a paper to write about something that has happened in US Contemporary History. Any suggestions? I'm exhaustified of the typical 'Nam, Watergate papers. I'm looking for something that is 'off the beaten path' so-to-speak.

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jen said...

japanese american internment camps? the US involvement in the destabilization of cambodia that led to Pol Pot's regime in the 70s-80s?

Hev said...

We must have some form of psychic connection.

See todays post from me.


Tabba said...

I've thought about the Internment Camps. It's something that is swept under the rug and sadly, is barely taught in any history class. Thanks for the suggestions :)

Jon said...

I was born in 1978 - that's pretty contemporary. And I'd be happy to give an interview on my considerable influence on US History. CONSIDERABLE INFLUENCE.

Tabba said...

You certainly are in rare form today, Jon ;)