If You Could Read My Mind

Sunday evening my mom & I went to dinner at Jessop's Tavern. A really cool Colonial pub with great food and great wine. She noticed a man in the pub who looked a lot like an ex-boyfriend. She began opening up about how she misses that Ex, as they are dear friends to this day. But do not get to see each other that often. She began talking about how he was the only one who really 'got' her. I nodded in understanding and said, "You know, we all need someone like that. I believe I have two of those people. Dad and my dear friend, Bob." They just know what makes me tick, they know the inner workings of my mind. And Bob, especially, gets my humor and knows from where I'm coming from. It's effortless and damn scary.
Ravioli & I were talking about this last night as I was relaying the conversation to him that my mom was having with me. And he looks at me with his rich, brown eyes and says, "So, you think I don't 'get' you?"
I think Bryan knows me, but doens't really get me. And vice versa. That's not a bad thing. I just believe that there are people, who don't necessarily have to be your spouse, that get you.
So, I ask all of you: Who 'gets' you? Is it your spouse? Is it a dear friend? Is it a relative?
Just curious......

6 ripples in the pond:

Jon said...

I get me. Period.

(I get me beer. I get me dinner. I get me to do the dishes. I get me etc. etc.)

Tabba said...

you're sick ;) You nutter!

Thailand Gal said...

My friend in Minnesota "gets" me better than anyone in my life. Here's the incredible thing (Mrs Incredible :).. we met on the Internet. We began a correspondence that turned into a phone friendship ~ to a personal friendship. That woman is family to me. I love her and her partner, just as though we were blood relations. She can finish my sentences and I can finish hers. Our friendship is completely unconditional... and it's lasted ten years now. What an absolute blessing!



Slackermommy said...

First off I did not change his underwear. I have a name to live up to!

I just had this conversation with my sis. My hubby does not "get" me. We are on two different emotional levels but it works because it balances us out. My sis and best friend totally "get" me so I don't need hubby to "get" me. You "get" what I mean?

Tabba said...

Yup. I 'get'cha. Totally :)

Hev said...

Before I say this, don't think I'm feeling sorry for myself or anything, because I'm totally cool with this:

I don't think anyone 'gets' me!

Hubby most definately doesn't, but that is fine. I'm not sure I get him either!!!