I'm Taking A Luvah

In response to the Love Fest that is going on, I have to pay homage to my bloggy loves.

I first fell for Maigh by accident. I fell for her hard. She sucked me in with her humor, her straightforward writing, her fiestyness and her raw humanity. She has the courage to call things like she sees them and she stands for doing something good. Her humor and courage are inspiring to me. I leave her site always wanting more. Damn, she's good. I'm telling ya. She is.
I stalked and lurked. Lurked and stalked. And after reading for months, I finally got the courage to post a comment. And my hands were shaking as I plunked out my little thoughts to a beautiful post.
Truth-be-told, she inspired me to start my own blog. Which, obviously, I did. And the first time she commented, I was jumping up & down and waving my hands in front of my face like I had just come in contact with John Lennon or Bob Marley....or Janis Joplin (impossible, I know. But they are the only 'celebrities' that I have an interest in meeting...and telling about it). Very exciting for me.
I do have to spread the love to Maigh. She's awesome and beautiful and funny.

Next I would have to shout Crazy Love to SlackerMommy. She was the first blog I 'found' after I had started my own blog. I could relate to so many things she said. It was like reading my own writing & experiences. She made me feel like I was 'ok'. I took comfort in knowing someone else 'out there' was feeling the same way. I liked that she was 'keepin' it real'. That she wasn't going to sugar coat motherhood, wifehood or being a stay-at-home mom. She was exactly what I was looking for - at just the right moment.
The thing I love most about Slackermommy is her sense of humor. Her ability to laugh at herself and her kids. And at the same time she is loving and heartfelt.
SlackerMommy has kindness that is inspiring, as well as, creativity and talent that make me jealous.
SlackerMommy also deserves HUGE, HUGE credit for the new look on my blog. She spent A TON of time working on it, creating that awesome header, and so much more. She is AMAZING. And it blew me away that a 'stranger' would do something that nice for me.
See what I mean about SlackerMommy??
I adore her.

I lovey-dovey my Pippa. She was the next one I found after starting my own blog. Pippa is a big ball of sunshine. She has courage to put herself out there - about the good, the bad, the heart-wrenching. However, her humor and her optimism always peeks through. She always picks me up with her comments.
I love that I wake up, sign on, check out my blog & there she is. Like a little pixie that has sprinkled me with her special fairy dust while I was sleeping. Pippajo has left me a comment that picks me up & carries me through the rest of the day - with it's empathy, humor and sensitivity. She always seems to be there when I need someone the most.
She is Supreme Mugwump.

And lastly, Jen. Who has been a relatively new love. But a love just the same. There is so much to say about this brave beauty. But I fear I don't have the words.
She is courageous, exciting, humble, gracious and giving. Her comments are eloquent. And her blog is rich, poignant and lovely.
I feel that the stars did align in bringing her to my site. And that two wandering souls managed to wander to each other. How awesome is that????
I look forward to reading her everyday and feel better for knowing that there is someone out there to fight for those who can't always fight for themselves.
She is a warrior and I am in awe of her.

7 ripples in the pond:

slackermommy said...

Awwww, feeling the love! I think you're fab too!

jen said...

ahhh. tab. you do so love to weave extraordinary tales that cause me to hide my face while peeking through fingers.

seriously, you are quite lovely and amazing yourself. truly, girl..you are a one woman cheering section with a heart of gold.

i so wish we lived closer, too.

Ravioli said...

Uhm... I have to admit that I'm a little concerned at all the love my wife is showing to you ladies...or maybe not.

Maigh said...

Such generous and kind words - thank you. Too often we trip through our days of appointments and meetings and errands and LIFE without pausing to express appreciation for those who have touched us.

Thank you for taking the time to do just that, and doing it with such grace. I'm touched.

Maigh said...

P.S. L-O-V-E the new site design!

Pippajo said...

I know this is several days overdue, but I was completely overwhelmed by the wonderful things you said. I was speechless!

I can't get over the fact that by just blabbing on and on about whatever the heck pops into my head and giving free-range to my often scattered thoughts, I'm actually touching and entertaining people. It's mystifying, really. Gratifying, but mystifying.

You have the distinction of being the very first person to ever call me a ball of sunshine! And nothing could please me more than being described as a pixie sprinkling fairy dust.

But the cherry on top? Supreme Mugwump? Best compliment I have EVER received!

Thank you. I'm still blushing.

PS You Rock!

Tabba said...

I love you all & all that you do. You ALL rock-my-world!!
YAY for my girls!!!!!!!