NYC - You Belong To Me, I Belong To You

So I mentioned with my last post that the Ravioli & I headed into The City. We've been planning this trip for awhile, with our friend, Jon. So, some tickets were purchased for a Broadway show, some plans were made....and voila! Into the city we headed. As I said, I used to make pretty regular pilgrimages into the city - years ago. In 1999-2000, I frequented that city more times than I can tell you. The last time I was there (before Saturday) was October of 2002. I was amazed at how much has changed, as well as, how much has stayed the same.

For instance, when you ride the subway, you can tell the true New Yorkers because they are falling asleep on the subway car and awake suddenly, when it is their stop. They just know. And true New Yorkers are always carrying bags. Big bags, small bags, 'Medium Brown Bags' from Bloomingdale's, plastic bags from various previously patroned shops, which now carry their subway reading material and other what-not. And the true New Yorker that amazed me the most was a barely two-year-old little girl. Sitting in her stroller in her eclectic outfit, chatting away with her mommy and, as she's sitting in her stroller, stretches out her legs, props them up on the subway seat & crosses her legs at her ankles....riding on the subway is old news for her.

Manhattan is just amazing. I fall deeply and helplessly in love each time I go back. I consider myself somewhat of a hippie, farm girl. But I'll tell ya what, I would live in NYC in a second if the opportunity presented itself. The endless culture - so vast, so varied - is amazing. The people watching is unparalleled - except for possibly Tokyo (I don't know from first-hand experience). And the fact that you can hop in a subway and be transported to another town - within a town - just amazing. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it.

Ravioli & Jon viewing the WTC sight

Our first stop after 'landing' in Penn Station was the subway to Downtown. We took in a quick look at the WTC sight. Ravioli & I did this in 2002, but were happy to take Jon to see it. We walked a bit along the platform, trying to see past the layers and layers of chain-link fence. As we were making our way down the platform, there in front of me were the peddlers of all things fake. Purses, watches, perfume, etc......I have no problem ignoring these people when walking around the rest of the city. However, I was particularly annoyed by their immediate presence at the WTC sight. I felt that it was highly disrespectful...but whateva. That's just my $.02.

The city was absolutely gorgeous yesterday. Central Park, in particular. I wish we had had more time to roam there. But time was of the essence as we had a date with a particular Phantom.

Good food was to be had in Koreatown. Not as great as Cow Town on Main St. in Flushing, Queens (man, I love the 7 train). But oh, well. Gotta take 'authentic' Korean food where you can get it. I have to say, though (and Ravioli will as well) that my homemade Bul Go Gi is right up there with that prepared in a Korean restaurant. I've always said that I was a cute little Korean girl in another lifetime.
I was sad to say goodbye to The City. I have such a hard time leaving. Parting is such sweet sorrow. She has me in her clutches. Inevitably. Forever.

Today, I bear the earmarks of my steamy love affair. My aching legs, the black/gray soot when I blow my nose, the calm, happiness that washes over my face and the spent feeling that envelopes my entire body. (I think I need a cigarette...haha).

7 ripples in the pond:

Ravioli said...

All this talk of a love affair, with NY and could I get some sex in the city? Nope...maybe next time.

maggie said...

We love NYC also. I try to get there once a year at least. In April I went with a girlfriend of mine and our daughters. It was their birthday presents/birthday party. It was great!! Did alot of tourist stuff I had never done in all the years of going into the city.

Pippajo said...

Glad you had a good time.

We're in NYC a lot, but usually just driving through on our way to the in-laws'. It really bothers me that we have yet to take the kids on the NYC tourist blitz, but every time I bring it up my in-laws look at me like I'm suggesting we take a tour of the local Walmart or something. I guess Queens people don't see any point in going into Manhattan. Or they're just jaded New Yorkers. Or they're pod people, which, actually, has been my suspicion since about year 3 of our marriage.

So you saw Phantom? Lucky!

Hev said...

How amazing. I just love traipsing around a big city. I know it would be different if I lived there, but when you visit you get to experience all the cool stuff without the stress of 2 hours commutes each day, bad public transport and/or smog!!!

Hev said...

Forgot to say, NYC sounds cool.

Never having been to the US, I'd find it difficult to compare, but it sounds great.

jen said...

i LOVE your exuberance...I've not had adequate time to explore NYC...it does sound like a love affair.

JustAnAverageGirl said...

So glad you guys had fun. You two needed this 'break'. I just wished it was a little longer for the sake of you guys.

Anyway, I've never been to New York. Casey said we would take a trip there but I guess that won't be happening anytime soon.:)