An Addition

(To the previous post....)

As I sit here wasting away the day in front of the computer, Gracie walks up to me with a tissue in her hand. She offers me her outstretched hand with a tissue in it. I look at her and see the tell-tale green gunk oozing from her cute, fat, little toddler nostrils. And just for good measure she also has added a shining, shimmering streak of snot across her cheek. I see she needs some help. And like the smart woman I am, I grab the tissue. Big Mistake.

It's slimey. And it's on my hands. I sling this nasty tissue to the ground and shout: Eeeww!!!!!
Gracie giggles and blows a big snot bubble and says Mommy! (giggle, giggle) It's ok. It's just boogers.

Yeah, sure is boogers, kid. And one thing you need to learn about your mommy ASAP is that she has issues with bodily fluids. Whether they be from vegetable, animal or mineral. Take that stuff somewhere else. It grosses mommy out! I have no problem touching a dry tissue and wiping your funky nose. But there should be absolutely no contact between the wet secretions of your nose and my tender, sweet flesh.

It's just boogers.
Yeah. Keep walking, kid.

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