Bittersweet Symphony

Rav left yesterday afternoon to head down state to the State Wrestling Tournament. I'm sad to see him go (he won't be home 'til late tonight, which is no biggie), but I'm elated at the fact that the wrestling season will be officially over. Yeeeehaw.

You have to understand that we somehow got Gracie to school 2 days a week (1/2 hour away), Rav to work, to wrestling practice, back to work, home, then me to school and so on (until 2 weeks ago) with one car. Yes. You heard me correctly. One.Car. It was a constant juggling act. And as much as I am happy that Rav is happy with coaching, it's nice to see the loooooong season come to a close. I digress though.

The kids are each coming down with a lovely dose of green snot, mixed with raspy breathing, coughing and fevers. And of course this decides to blow up into a full-blown deal when Rav has flown the coop.

At 10 p.m. when the kids were still awake, barely breathing and all snotty, I knew I was in for a looong, rough night. I finally get them to bed, get myself to bed at about 11. At some point, the kids both made it into our bed. By that time, Gracie was running one nasty fever. I couldn't bear to head to the couch. So, I was nestled in restless sleep, in a horizontal position at the foot of our bed. While the babes slept somewhat soundly in vertical positions, stretched out, with their heads on the pillows.

At approximately 7:15, I was awoken to the sounds of their deep breathing. Followed by the occasional snort and raspy exhale.

Morning routines being what they are, I felt the need to expel some built up gas. Which sounded something like this:

Then Gracie in her sleep-induced state followed with a:

Connor added the crescendo to this little symphony with a rolling, undulating, vibrating:

Their father would be so proud.

What struck me as funny is that I was the only one awake. They did this, seemingly as if on cue. Like it was a game. I was waiting for them to giggle after each of them sang their morning songs. But nope.
Asleep. Dead asleep.

Aaaaah. Nothing like the smell of pent up gas in the morning.

3 ripples in the pond:

Oh, The Joys said...

You know a post like this reads as if it were written ONLY FOR ME!!! Heh. I love the farting.

Tabba said...

You know....I had you in mind the Whole time. Seriously. I knew you would enjoy it.

Pippajo said...

I would have cracked up and woken everybody up! A first-thing-in-the-morning fart is always a sure sign of a happy morning!