Postcards From Hoth...

Greetings From Hoth! We wish you were here.

The lush foliage on Hoth. It's indescribably beautiful.

We were so lucky to book our vacation to Hoth during

the peak weather season.

I (Tab) decided to head out of our "villa" on our Tonton (thank you, Jon)

and see the local terrain.

The Hoth skies are heavy with the warm rays of sunshine.


Spending Valentine's Day on Hoth is a dream come true. I have, since I was a wee little girl, dreamt of spending Valentine's Day on a planet of ice.

As a surprise for Rav, I had this wonderful meal all planned out. I figured I would make this wonderful meal that we could sit down and enjoy together. It just so happens that as I was preparing the fresh herbs for the sauce and preparing the tenderloin Voila! - the electricity goes out. Not to be deterred, I find as many candles as I possibly can & am determined to finish this meal....in the semi-darkness.
Yeah, that didn't work.
Despite our meal plans being put on hold, we had a wonderful dinner of homemade Lentil soup (whose effects are "beneficial" in many, many ways - who knew that we'd both benefit from those effects 12 hours after the fact. Gas masks are a must-have. Next time, I'll place them atop of the napkins when I make this soup), a dessert of strawberry shortcake....by candlelight....with the kids.
It may not have been what we planned, but it was an adventure. And we all had fun.
Hoth does have it's good-points. There are just too many to name here. I figured I'd send you all the pictures and let them speak for themselves.

See you in a few days - after we all defrost and thaw.

2 ripples in the pond:

maigh said...

Hilarious...planet of ice...gas masks...love it.

Pippajo said...

Well, what a coincidence! We've been "relaxing" here on Hoth, too! Funny we didn't run into each other!

We lost our power yesterday afternoon too and kids were home from school so once it started getting cold (with no furnace running) we called Grandma who came to get us with her 4-wheel drive and took us to pass the day with her toasty indoor heating and cable television. Yay for Grandma. I'm posting pics of our deep-freeze today, too, we're like twins!

By the way, I've been meaning to ask, how've you been feeling? I had bloodwork done that turned up nothing so my doc is now going to check my cortisol and insulin levels. Since my thyroid appears to be fin, we're investigating the adrenals and pituitary next. I thought of you for a moment as we puzzled over my mystery symptoms. Keep us posted!