a valentine for The One

Sweet Air
By: me

He admires her walls,
her delicate confusion.
He watches the changing-of-the-guard
The emotion, the mind-set,
checking out
While the next shift man their posts
And begin their vigile.

He has no expectation
or no wayward intent.
He just wants to be
in close physical proximity.
Because he thinks the
air near her smells sweeter.

He asks for nothing.
And he gives her

As he treads so
softly, yet strongly
Around her,
He is quiet.
But yet she can hear him
so loudly.

She takes notice that
the air smells sweeter
Where he is.

The guards march on
to man other gates.
And there he is...

Her strength,
Her steadfast,
and gentle man.
The gentle man who is
strong enough to pick her up
and carry her away.

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deb said...

That was lovely, thanks.