If You Could See My Cheeks

You would notice that they are a bright, rosey red. I'm totally embarrassed and flattered that Jess over at Oh, The Joys! nominated this post for a Perfect Post Award.

I've never been nominated for anything here in bloggyland, and I'm so thankful and humbled by the nod. So, thank you Jess. You like me! You really, really like me! Sorry, I couldn't resist. Bad joke, I know.

Seriously though, thank you.

6 ripples in the pond:

Oh, The Joys said...

You deserve it Tabba!

Gingers Mom said...

I stopped by from Oh the Joys. I thought your post WAS perfect. Beautiful. And your blog is great.

carrie said...

I second what Ginger's Mom said.



jen said...


I was ear to ear when I saw this today.

you so totally deserve it.


Tabba said...

Thank you ladies - ALL of you.
All of this positivity has put a big 'ole smile on my heart.
Where one was most desperately needed.
And I'm so glad you all enjoyed the post.

Pippajo said...

See? You're wonderful! I told you so!

Oh, and I loved that post too.

Congratulations, my friend. You surely deserve it.