Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen children's books that I read to my children, but yet, I enjoy as well. In no particular order.

What could be better than reading something that allows you to bumble over your words on purpose?? Silly, silly fun.

Yes, Yes. There will be enough room. Skit skat doodle doop flip flop flee.

This one gets me everytime.

I am a whore for the Fat Controller - or what we call him here in the States - Sir Toppem Hatt.

As soon as I saw the front cover of this book, I was all over it. It's simply precious.

Who doesn't like going to blueberry hill to romp around with a bear?

Do you know where your wild things are??

I love the illustrations in this book.

I-Spy books are great. I like looking for the little objects. I'm sure that in a few years when my eyesight is even worse, I won't enjoy these all that much.

The illustrations are marvelous. I like the vintage look the book has. It's a cool 'treasure hunt' book. If a book has semi-decent illustrations, I'm hooked (most of the time). However, I do like a good story.

Madeline. Need I say more?? Two straight lines. A 'naughty' little girl. A French nun in an orphange. I'm all over that.

Olivia is my hero.

Miffy's magnifying glass. I love this simple board book for the 'surprise' ending. My kids still laugh at the end even after the millionth reading.

4 ripples in the pond:

J said...

Oh god, I LOVED Fox in Sox as a kid. Maya never really got into it. Kids are weird, huh?

Hey, if you're serious about the coats, I have two ideas for you. My neighbor is doing a coat drive, called "One Warm Coat", and they're collecting coats for folks in need. You could send the coats to me. Or, save yourself the postage, etc., and google a One Warm Coat drive in your area! Maybe call a local shelter or something. The kids might get more out of it if they go with you to drop them off. When Maya was that young, though, she would have cried and wanted to keep her coat, so think carefully... :)

Tabba said...

Ok, thanks for the idea. I'll google the One Warm Coat drive and see what I can come up with. And if not, I'd be more than happy to send these coats your way. I desperately want to make sure that I can make someone warm this winter! Thanks for the information.

jen said...

the giving tree - yup, every time.

and someone gave me that ABC book...i really loved it..and so does M.

great choices.

and i got your comment - know that anything is ok, and no worries, and it would never ever be moldy bread. so there. xo

Pippajo said...

I LOVE those I SPY books! And my kids love them so much we got My Boy an I Spy computer game last year. Very, very cool. I'm always on the lookout for a new one to put under the tree.

Great list, but, shockingly enough, I haven't read all of them!