I Just Came From The Kitchen & I Gotta Ask

What's the deal with my son? He eats a "meal" just so that he can eat a snack.

He'll eat just enough so that it appears that he has satisfied his daily intake requirements.

But then.....
But then......

As soon as he puts his fork down he says:

Can I have a snack?

WTF, kid?

This has been going on for weeks now. And I recognize that young children eat smaller amounts and more frequently.
But this nasty little monkey he has on his back just seems a little nutty to me.

Anyone else's kid do this?
Anybody? You there in the back, slouching down in your seat....your kid do this too?

8 ripples in the pond:

deb said...

No, my children have never done anything like what you describe. Mine are perfect, well behaved, adorable. And of course they were all toilet trained by the time they were a year old.

Yes, Tabba, he's normal. He's just learned a new way of getting what he wants so he's practicing it.

Oh, The Joys said...

If the snack is ice cream, OH. YES.

Not So Anonymous Michelle said...

My daughter is just picking up on this type of habit, she's not even 2 and she already getting a little difficult with food! At grandpa's house this weekend she ate an entire jumbo pickle all chopped up but would only eat a few bites of her lunch! Then today, a few bites of her lunch again when I tried giving her some, but from Daddy she scarfed down tons and asked for a cookie afterwards! Kids! hehe

Pippajo said...

Oh yeah, mine do that. ALL THE TIME! I especially hate it when they come in the kitchen whining about being hungry just minutes after I've cleared the dishes from a meal during which a most fearsome battle was waged over finishing the food on their plates! It takes all the resolve I can muster not to launch into the "starving children elsewhere in the world" speech!

jen said...

hmmm. what's the snack?

maybe it should be broccoli.

Tabba said...

The funny thing is that it's not necessarily that he's asking for a chocolate chip cookie dipped in chocolate and covered with sprinkles :)
It ranges from grapes, crackers, cereal (dry - like Cheerios) to sometimes cookies.
What's driving me crazy is the frequency & the fact that he eats a meal just to snack.

Penny said...

Yes, Oee was doing it for breakfast. I made the mistake of rushing her out the door with a granola bar, twice.. twice. and a couple of times, stopping at the Tim Horton's for a sausage-egg muffin (I hate myself for it), followed by the requiste chocolate tim-bit. Then, she wasn't hungry until it was time to walk out the door... 'can I have a gwalona bah?', 'can we go to tim hohtons?'


So, I brought bananas in the car. After two mornings of skipped breakfasts and banana car rides to daycare, she's eating eggs with milk, once again.

Operant conditioning and extinction.

It'll work for you.

Maggie said...

That is Sooo my Son. He eats just enough "real" food so he can have snacks. From the Second he wakes up to the minute he goes to bed that sentence is repeated over and over again. Drives me CRAZY! My daughter never did that. I swear though jonathan's first words where snack!

He's 7 so It doesn't go away.