The Poet

Last night in our bed, as Rav was settling into near-sleep & I was winding down in front of The Tube, a commercial came on for Empire Carpets' Wood flooring. I assume this is a national commercial that you all have seen. For those not schooled, Empire Carpets' deal is that they are quick to lay some carpet or wood/laminate flooring upon being hired.

While listening to the lovely serenade that is the Empire Carpet commercial (in which they boast of quality hardwood flooring), I'm sure now that Rav is drifting closer to the brink of what is known as dreamland.
I am caressing his stomach and getting dangerously close to his what-not. In fact, there might have even been a slight brush with danger.

And still Empire Carpet is singing it's hardwood floor praises.

Rav, never even opening his eyes, straight-faced and ever so cooly says:
How would you like some quality hard wood?

This is what I love about him. Total cheeseball humor and timing that is impeccable.
However, quality hardwood was not on my wish list late last night.

Maybe tonight.

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Too funny! My hubby is the same way. He turns most our conversations into something sexual. God love 'em!