Straight Off The Boat

My daughter.
God love her.

I believe her genes are saturated with Rav's Italian genes. Rav's paternal grandfather & his family were straight off the boat from Florence. Rav's mom is of Irish descent. As am I - among the English & possibly Scott on my dad's side....and straight German and Dutch on my mom's.

If you heard Gracie talk, you'd be amazed she's not straight eye-talian. She says things like:

*I bump -ahmyhead.

*I wanna sit nex-ahtoyouuuuu.

*I need-ahthecrayon.

*Leave the gun. Take the cannoli. (Just kidding on that one)

And my typing these things does it absolutely no justice.
It is rip roaringly funny. I'd like to find an old Italian man - with an accent and listen to them talk to each other. Because the way she talks is extraordinary. She's got.it.down. Not to mention she's loud & has the hand gestures down.
No, not those hand gestures.

Now if I can just get her to make a good gravy (pasta sauce - not gravy), we'll be good to go.

6 ripples in the pond:

deb said...

My middle one always sounded like an old Jewish lady when she was little. No idea where that came from. I can hear your little one saying it in my head.

Does that mean I'm hearing voices?

Oh, The Joys said...

This made me laugh - and after a day of stomach virus, I am grateful!

Pippajo said...

That is so funny! I can just imagine it!

EGOD's family is Italian so I can relate. But none of them ever had the cool, Old World accents; they just had (and still have) the awful, goomba, fuhgettaboutit ones. I can actually do it pretty well and can amuse The Viking with it for hours just by relating actual conversations I've heard at those few but very memorable family picnics (we didn't get together with that side of the family much).

jen said...

this is hilarious. you must make a video.

Denguy said...

Too funny!

"No, not those hand gestures"

I, of course, did think of those hand gestures initially.

Tabba said...

Yeah, yesterday & today have been good days....I can think of something nice to say about one of the kids!