None But Ourselves Can Free Our Minds

Here is where, if you have had any respect for me (as much as one can reading & "getting to know someone" in this forum), you will probably walk away shaking your head in disappointment after this post.

Rav & I, since last season, watch American Idol.
Yes, yes we do.
The thing is, it's winter, see. It's cold. There's not much else to do.
Well, there's always something to do. But it's all too much like work.

Not only that.....
We're tired and totally zombied out by 8:00 p.m.
So, American Idol is a good fit for a couple in their late-twenty-somethings with two small children, living in Zone 7 and cannot hold an intelligent conversation when it starts getting dark.

Anyway, there are my sorry-ass justifications for why we have been watching American Idol.
They're not good ones.
But you'll just have to deal.

I've sunk to an all-time low, though.
I had a dream last week.
I had a dream about American Idol.
I had a dream that I was a contestant on American Idol.
If you heard me sing you know that I would be one of a million clips that would have all of America laughing at just how horribly they sing.

I'm that bad.
I would make William Hung sound like Ray Charles.

So, I had this dream.
I was somehow in the top 12.
I was backstage preparing to go on.
And my sheet music disappeared.
Someone was trying to sabotage me (probably Sanjaya).
I was frantic.
I was trying to think of the perfect song that I knew perfectly from beginning to end.
I was still frantic.
I was being called on stage by the producers.
I was ape-shit crazy frantic now.
Desperately, gasping for a breath, asking everybody, anybody what song I should sing.
I am thrust on-stage by a surly, smoking producer.
The spot light is on me. The audience and the judges are waiting.
And I sing

Redemption Song by Bob Marley.
No background singers.
No band.
I belt it. (As much as I could in a dream - and considering I was dreaming I'm guessing I could sing pretty well?)
I turn to the judges.

Randy says It was alright, Dawg. I'm feelin' ya.

Paula says I think you're outfit is cute. (and she looks at me a little cross-eyed)

Simon says I think you made a big mistake. Why would you chose a political type song? Why would you use this platform, this show to make that kind of statement?

To which I said, Well, Simon that's the whole point.
Then I woke up.

Do you think this dream is trying to tell me something??

4 ripples in the pond:

Jen R. said...

hahahaahahaa!! i love it! so funny. i wish i could have a dream about american idol. it would beat the crappy dreams -- er, nightmares -- i've been having lately. lol.

american idol rocks. dancing with the stars is awesome. viewers from every socioeconomic level agree! enjoy, enjoy!

Pippajo said...

It's a desperate plea from your self-consciousness, "Stop killing me!"

Just razzing you. I know I've been watching too much Friends when I start dreaming I'm the 7th Friend. I also do crossword puzzles in my dreams and THAT is really weird!

It's okay. I find I'm rather enjoying America's Next Top Model, so I am no better.

jen said...

you know i do, friend. you know i do.

do it.

Slackermommy said...

Too funny! I've also had American Idol dreams. I think it's because I get to involved in the show. It's an obsession! Not to mention that singing is the one gift I wish had been bestowed upon me.