My Week In A Nutshell

Has looked pretty much something like this - or some similar variation.....

Yes, I've plopped my kids in front of the TV ALL damned week. At least it was Foster's for much of the week. However, what's the deal Cartoon Network?? During the whole month of March, during Foster's evening time slot....MOVIES!?!? I guess it means I'll have to run out and buy the 1st Season on DVD to get me through the month. Or I need to grow up and get a new obsession. But it's just so damned funny.

During this particular viewing, I was cracking up.....First of all, it's a funny episode. But Coco, who only speaks using "co" for each syllable, if you're not schooled in Foster's, was freaking out about that pink elephant. By that point Grace was sitting on the floor. And from the floor, I hear....

Coco, co co co!!!

This is Coco.

Dear lord. My daughter is speaking Cocoese. In perfect pitch, syntax, symnatics and intonation. Hilarious.

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