Time Out Of Mind

So everything went OK this morning....and things are settling down a bit. I just wanted to share a little something.

Is it just me or could Adam Sandler play Bob Dylan in a movie?

Is it just me? Does anyone else see it??

Maybe I just need some sleep?!

4 ripples in the pond:

jen said...

dude. only until he opens his mouth.

Tabba said...

I know...right?
Maybe they could do a voiceover - he could play him & someone else could do the voice.

deb said...

I really like Adam Sandler. He's starting to come into his own I think, letting go of those awful angry comedies like the golf one. He was so sweet in Spanglish, can't wait to see him in this one. Take care.

kris said...

THANK THE GOOD LORD AND OPRAH that someone else thought this.

When I first saw the promos, I thought it was a Dylan movie, and then the part about losing everything on 9/11 really confused me. "Did Bob Dylan lose his family on 9/11? HOW DID I MISS THIS?!?"

Great minds. Great minds.