Play I Some Music - Part III

All during middle school, I played. I even joined the Jazz Band, which met after school. Yeah, I know I'm the biggest dork. But I just couldn't get enough. Whether it be band, my radio or whatever. I just couldn't get enough music.
My radio was always on. And I was totally blown away when, on my 12th birthday, Dad & Eileen gave me a CD player. When my mom wanted to punish me, that's the 1st thing she would take. Not the phone, not the TV. My damn radio. It would kill me. Little did she know though, I had this tiny piece-of-junk walkman and I'd go, hide in my room and listen to that. She thought she was taking something from me that I just 'enjoyed'. She thought she was taking something from me that took me away from her. But she might as well have taken away food, water, air or an appendage. That's how badly I couldn't live without it.
I quit the band the end of my freshman year. For 1 reason, basically. The school I went to in 10th grade had no band. And by junior year - I dunno. The sax was sort of forgotten. But my love for music has only grown more.
At any given moment, there are 6 songs playing in my head. Certain lyrics will pop in out of nowhere - almost uninvited. But as welcome as an old friend. Those lyrics will jog my memory of certain events or get me started on totally fresh thoughts.
I love how I connect with songs - and the music. How that artist can put into prose, melody and tune all of the things I can't say myself, but have always longed to say. I love how I feel 100% me while listening to music. And it can instantly put me into a good mood. I'm so much more productive when it's on.
As you can see, by this ridiculously long post. Broken up into three bits, that the fact that I rambled this long means that this is really important to me. Important enough to share like this. I also wanted to recognize that while this little fire might have always been burning inside of me, some people were crucial in fanning the flames. And I want to thank them.
Thank you, Dad for your love of music. And passing it to me. It means more than you know. I was hungry. Starved. But 'dem belly full. Thanks, Eileen for your constant game of trivia, your expansive record collection and sharing it with me.
I love that I get a chance now, to put a song in my children's hearts. And see what they do with it. In fact, this morning, while taking Gracie to preschool, she asked to listen to "Buffalo Soldier" over and over and over again. Dancing away in her car seat. And getting all excited when she heard the horns. Awesome. Totally awesome.
I still can't get enough of good music. And yet, it satisfies my soul.

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