Play I Some Music - Part II

~Them Belly Full (But We Still Hungry)~

Now by that time, my Dad was seriously dating my to-be stepmom, Eileen. And many times, she would pick me up for my 'weekends' with them.
During the long ride to their house, she would listen to various types of music, tell me stories regarding artists, the albums, the songs, etc. And she would quiz me. Constantly. It fed me. I was insatiable.
She introduced me to men who played flutes while standing on one leg - the genius of Ian Anderson. She introduced me to songs that told stories like "Home By The Sea" by Genesis.
I remember complaining to her that no song would ever have my name in it. She came up with an album by The Dave Clark Five. And on it, a song called "Tabatha Twitchit". She (Eileen) knew how hungry I was for more. And she fed me well on that
which I desired most. Dad & Eileen also took me to my first concert. A tribute to Bob Marley.

4th Grade I decided to join chorus. I can't sing. Never could. Which is totally unfortunate because I love to sing. I sing all of the time. It's just horrible, is all. 5th Grade came and with it, an Alto Saxophone. My-very-own-saxophone-thank-you-very-much. But that didn't last long. The band teacher said that the sax was too big for me. She suggested the Clarinet. Yeah. Whatever. Clarence Clemons doesn't play no raggedy Clarinet. I tried it. But dropped that p.o.s faster than a pimp slaps his trick. The Clarinet was beat.
6th Grade came and with it, I grew about a whopping 1/2 inch and Dad & Eileen rewarded that with another Sax. I was in my glory. By the time I joined the band, everyone else had already been playing for about 2 & 1/2 to 3 years. I felt totally intimidated, but thought, "I don't care how bad I have to fake, fudge, pretend, suck or stink. I'm not giving this up." I practiced all of the time. I played my heart out. I kept up with the group and loved the new friends I made in band (and one time, at band camp.....) I know you sick-o's are thinking it. So, I figured I'd put it out there.
At the end of the year, we had an awards assembly. It was time for my band teacher to give awards. She began talking about a newer band member who was new to playing an instrument, as well. But that they worked hard and had managed to keep up with everyone else. And she called my name. I was stunned. Up until that point - when she called my name - I had no idea she was talking about me. She gave me a certificate and a brass neck strap clip in the shape of a sax. I felt like I was handed an Oscar. Yeah, I was a geek. Still am.

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