Tacky Schmaky

I usually can't stand the feel of flannel. I own 2 pairs of flannel PJ pants & I don't mind wearing them, but the feel of them on my hands drives me bonkers. (And I wonder where Connor gets his Sensory Processing issues from - Gee.)
Anyway, the thought of flannel sheets never entered my mind. I thought if I can barely handle flannel PJ's, how the hell can I handle flannel sheets? Total impossibility.
However, Santa brought the following flannel sheet set for The Rav & I.
And I think I'm in love.

Yeah, they might be a little tacky. But, they have Gnomes on them. So, I have to love them. I walk in our room & see these bright, tacky, cheerful sheets and all seems right with the world. Well, not really.
But they make me happy. So, there.

OH - and SuperYay for first days of school after a (too) looong winter break! YAY, YAY, YAY. Can I get an "Amen & Hallelujah"?? I feel light as air. Truth be told, so does Connor. He practically drug my out-of-shape keister across the street to the bus. Damn, that kid is strong.

3 ripples in the pond:

Pippajo said...

Oh, I luuuuuuurve my flannel sheets, lurve them! NOTHING feels like flannel during these long, cold winter nights!

I love them so much I bought several pair for each of our beds and am planning on making flannel duvets for each of us out of the flat sheets.

None of us have gnomes, but I did try to buy My Boy a pair with moose on them (I was outbid). When I was little my aunt used to make me and my sisters flannel nightgowns every year. We LOVED them and would sleep in nothing else all winter long. Maybe that's where my love of flannel comes from.

So, go cuddle up in those soft sheets! Throw a hot water bottle in there with you, a cup of strong, sweet tea and a good, fluffy book and you've got my idea of heaven!

And, yes, thank heaven for the end of winter break. My Boy actually sighed while getting ready yesterday morning and said, "I MISSED school!" Yay!

Pippajo said...

Wow! Somebody must really love flannel...

Or was really really high on fumes...


Tabba said...

I'm coming around on the flannel....just trying to get past how dry it makes my hands feel...I'm a weird-o!