Tearing Down The Walls From Within

Jen said something to me the other day. And it was a kind, little something. The impact, she's probably not even aware of. And I wanted to yell into my computer speakers, "Jen!! Hey! Can you hear me??? How did you know that this has been on my mind? Ohmygod. Let's talk! I need to bounce some ideas around..." But I can't yell into my speakers. One-way thinking, these speakers. So I just yelled inside my brain in Jen's direction. And made a mental note to take on the subject that I had been too scared to admit on here. However, her comment opened the gate & has made it ok for me to speak publicly about it.

Social causes and History are quite fascinating to me. (Bad)Politics and (Bad)Politicians in general, for the most part, leave a bad taste in my mouth. But I got to thinking awhile back about how to go about making changes. And that I hate to admit it, but one of the only ways to really make some permanent change, to actually hear people is to enter into politics. And then my stomach heaved a little bit & I began to feel a tad nauseous.

I don't see myself as a politician-type. And the thought of politics never entered my mind before. But lately I've been playing around with the notion quietly. You know, to myself.
You will by no means see my name on any ballot come 2008. And I'm not saying this is anything that will come to fruition. But what if it did?
What if?

Then I would be part of a process, a system that I have come to regard as smarmy and disappointing. That the things I hold so dear might disappear because then I would be a politician. Oh, I shudder.

But the thought that I come back to. The thing that I inevitably arrive back at, is that there has to be good leadership out there. There have got to be politicians out there who really do have honest intent and the greater good on their agenda. I mean, it can't be beyond the realm of possibility, can it?

I don't know the answers. I don't know that I would ever join the rank and file of beauracracy. But as I've said before, I do feel the need to become a part of something much bigger than myself that is ready to throw on their boots, toss their clinical, rubber gloves aside and get some grit under their fingernails.

But as I circle around again, I come back to wouldn't it make me a hypocrite?
Then I say to myself but that's where you can make some changes. From within the confines of those paper thin walls.

I just don't know.
What's your take?

2 ripples in the pond:

deb said...

I think the one of trhe most effective ways to change things is through politics and I think a lot of politicians go into politics for that reason. Not all politicians are bad, most are good and trying their best. It's the bad ones that get the bulk of the media attention. My next door neighbor is a case in point. He was so frustrated and disgusted with the government in Alberta that he decided to run for office and won, he was in his words "Stunned" to win. But I know he is a good man with a strong desire to make the world a better place. So yes, it is possible.

jen said...


change comes from within. it's that line, Obama's line, the audacity of hope.

Be audacious, tab.

And my campaign manager offer stands.