The Thing I Think I Love Most About Rav

Ravioli is many, many things. He comes from a family who are somewhat tall (tall when you're a hobbit) and thin.
He's short and stocky (yummy).

Ravioli is cool as a cucumber. He's all perspective and reason. He's cool-headed and even-tempered.
(This is fascinating to me because I'm so not that way. I guess that's why we work.)

He is humble and a little cocky. He's silly, funny. He has a great laugh. A smile that makes me feel funny in my tummy and eyes that I want to curl up in and stay awhile. Stay forever.

He stands with me, wraps me in his arms and then sets me free. And as I look back over my shoulder, there he is smiling. He likes watching as I float along and find my way.

He is childlike, but all man.
He makes me laugh, he heals my wounds, he lifts me up and sails choppy seas with me.

He has a hard time finding the broad-side of a bull. It drives me crazy sometimes, but it is endearing. His serenity, his 'sit-back and wait' attitude makes me want to throw a temper tantrum. But most of the time he's 100% correct. He's not afraid to speak his mind or call someone on their stuff. It may not happen at that exact moment. But he will. He's just biding his time. There's something to be said for waiting for the right moment.
I often admire how calm he can be. I've asked him repeatedly what it would take to get him fired up. Then I saw him coaching his kids at a wrestling match.

I heard this man yelling at his team, at one of his wrestlers. I was curious who it was. They sounded so loud, so passionate. I looked in the direction of this booming voice.
It was Rav.
And not only was he yelling, he was pacing, his hand was clenched in a fist and moving across his body in an upward motion. His face was red, his eyebrows furrowed, and I believe he may have let a little spit fly out of his mouth.
My jaw dropped down to the ground.
And I got hot.

Wrestling is somewhat interesting to me. I admire what the kids have to go through physically. The athleticism. It's a sport you do have to be totally devoted to. I attend the matches when I can, try to learn what I can so I can follow Rav through the nuances of the language. I am there to support the team, sure. But the main reason I go, the thing that gets me in the door & sitting on hard-ass bleachers is

Because seeing this super-amped up version of my calm crab is (one of)the thing(s) I think I love most about my serene, cool man.

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jen said...

good for you. good for you both.

what a joyous family you are.

deb said...

I'm jealous, a little anyway, I used to feel that way about my husband before we both got worn down. I imagine those feelings are still there, somewhere, hopefully I can find them again. You two look happy together.

Oh, The Joys said...


Pippajo said...

In a world where so many women spend so much time bashing their husbands, or making fun of their shortcomings, it is so nice and refreshing to see such a shining example of genuine love, admiration and, most importantly, respect. You two have something to be very thankful for and I love the glimpses of it you provide for us.

You are one lucky girl.

Rav said...

Usually, my comments tend to be self-centered and humorous. Since this post was about me and how great I am, that would be in poor taste...sorry, I just couldn't resist. Seriously, you know that you are what makes me who I am and I will thank you more properly at a later time....;)