Advice From The Ever-Wise Fortune Cookie

Constant grinding can turn an iron rod into a needle.

Yup. That about sums it up.

7 ripples in the pond:

flutter said...

amen cookie, amen.

phenom said...

Tabba, as master of the Sam Adams OCtoberfest and Killian's, I'm prescribing the following, in order:

Christmas Vacation (Chevy Chase and all)
Stripes (Bill Murray making himslef Bill Murray_
The Blues Brothers

The funk, will then, cease. Trust me. :)

Pippajo said...

Finally, finally, FINALLY I have gone back and read EVERYTHING I have missed in the past 3 months (a length of time that almost makes me gag)!

Whew! I have really missed you! And I'm so glad to be caught up. I can NOT let that much time get away from me again. And I won't.

Tabba said...

Has it really been that long?
I've missed you terribly.
Glad to see you stopped by.
And I can't believe that you did all of that reading!!!

Magpie said...

But a needle works better for mending than an iron rod.

deb said...

So, are you the needle yet?

Tabba said...


Damn close, sister.
Damn close.