The Streets of Baltimore & Scads of Lovely Women

Edited to correct the link to Oh the Joys. She is raising two of the funniest, wild, entertaining kids on the face of the planet. Previously the link took you to the Online Bible College. Sorry :)

Tomorrow evening Rav & I head off with our two friends, Jon & Jess for an evening of adult interaction, and good music at this venue in Baltimore.
Oh, I just cannot wait.

Liv, I will be thinking of you and will be sure to pass on your pertinent info should he ask me if I know any hot, single yoga instructors.

So I will be scant around here this weekend as we partake in the celebration of my impending 29er-dom.
That being said, I promised you a thought. And I've had quite a few, if you can believe it or not. And I want to honor that promise before we head off for our celebratory weekend.

As I was saying, I was out at a musical production which was written by a woman about women. And while part of it might have been a little over-the-top for me, the basic message was one that I can certainly appreciate. Not to mention, as I've stated, I found myself thinking of all of you.
As the show went on and the various stories of each character was told, I thought of you all and the struggles and triumphs you all face on a daily basis.
Some of you are battling a problem that seems almost impossible to fix.
Some of you are simply exhausted and have had your plate full for far too long, but still full of grace and humor.
Some of you are starting over and doing it in a way that I admire.
Some of you are so busy & I miss your voice. But think of you daily.
Some of you are debratting your kids.
Some of you are raising two of the funniest, wild, entertaining kids on the face of the planet.
You have an amazing voice and give a beautiful voice to autism.
You give me the much needed chuckle and I admire the incredibly hard work you do.
I admire what you do for a living and in your views on raising your children.
I long for your insight into living greener.
I just love the two of you and your stories, your insights, your knowledge of literary things.
Yours is a voice that resonates with me and that I long to hear everyday.
I often find myself thinking of you and am anticipating what issue or topic you are tackling today. I admire your sense of community and your honesty.
I would chose you for my doc any old day of the week and twice on Sunday.
I love your writing and your guts. I am thinking of you.

The list could go on. And just because you're not listed here is certainly not meant to slight. Because believe me, I was thinking of you all.

I Will Survive was a song that was played during the musical and I got all choked up thinking of you all. Thinking of your lives...where you have been, the things you have shared, and the journeys yet to come.
And I was grateful, truly grateful that there are so many wonderful, wonderful, amazing women out there.
We are amazing creatures, we women. We endure, we change, we are flexible, we are strong, we are weak, we love, and long to be loved. And you all shine.

I don't think I'm saying everything I would like to say here, but I think you get the picture.
I am all the better for you all. Even in this completely open, yet 2-D way.
I am all the better
as is the world.
For you are all in it.
And that makes me so happy it brings me to tears during a musical.
(Just for those of you wondering. No, I am not PMSing :) )

14 ripples in the pond:

jen said...

oh sister...thank you. love you.

Her Grace said...

Thank you. That was lovely.

thailandchani said...

Well, geez. Thank you. :)

What a clever idea!

Have a great time in Charm City. Haven't been there for 14 years now and occasionally miss the Inner Harbor.



Mary-LUE said...

This was sweet, Tabba--and so true. The relationships do make a difference, don't they?

Beck said...

Oh, thank you! And have fun.

Joker The Lurcher said...

thank you! and have a great break.

Magpie said...

Tabba, that was a dear post. Thank you.

liv said...

Aww, thanks. I don't know if you'd admire my starting over if you peeked inside the casa de madness this week, but thank you for the nod!

and, Tab, not IF he asks. Go up to him and TELL. This isn't the military, sister! :)

Becc said...

Have a great weekend!

Thank you for being one of those beautiful woman that WE all admire.

KC said...

This is just so lovely. So lovely.

Okay, next time we're meeting up in Baltimore, okay?

Aliki2006 said...

Thank you, that made my day and warmed my heart.

Have a wonderful time this weekend!

Can it be you live in Baltimore? If so we must meet-up the next time I'm in MD to visit my folks!

deb said...

Ahhh shucks. Thanks. And you get to see Paolo, in the flesh? Really? Life just isn't fair. I know he's young enough for Liv but a woman of a certain age can dream. Can't she?

flutter said...

You just made me cry.

slackermommy said...

Thank you my friend for the linky love.