Sunday Morning Song of the Moment

Certain songs/albums define periods of time.
And when I hear them I am instantly transported back to that time.
Often, I can smell the smells that I associate with that moment in time,
I can recall instantly how I was feeling, the vibe of the environment around me.

I know that you guys probably have experienced this too.

Within the past week, I have heard this one song two times. And I haven't heard the song in quite awhile.
When I heard it, I was transported instantly.

I was transported to the infantile stages of my courtship with Rav.
The stage where all we had was time together and little responsibility.
Our time was our own.
And most of that time was spent in bed.
Talking for hours on end.
And that talking would, of course, lead to other things.

The constant vascilation between deep, heartfelt conversations
and an even deeper physical connection is what comes to mind when I hear the following song.
And the entire Parachutes album by Coldplay is best easily described as the soundtrack of these days.
The seeds of the famiglia de Ravioli were planted at this time and took root.
Connor was, quite possibly, made to one of the songs on this album.

Enjoy Don't Panic by Coldplay

******on a side note, one more final to go. papers have all been turned in. and i will be able to resume my normal lurking, reading, commenting activities.******

7 ripples in the pond:

jen said...

what a romantic post.

Beck said...

The other day I heard a Smiths song that I hadn't heard in 20 years and INSTANTLY I felt 15 again. Which was NOT a good feeling.

flutter said...

This was incredibly sweet

Aliki2006 said...

Oooh, I like this one!

And, beck--the Smiths make me feel so young, too. Actually, most of the music I once listened too can transport me *years* into the past.

Tabba said...

ah, the smiths.

i do enjoy the smiths.

and yes, 15...not such a fun age.

liv said...

And I always think, "We live in a beautiful world."

And how is it sometimes so hard to know that, feel that, but be so achingly down for the count?

KC said...

Yay for the end of the academic madness!

You and Rav share something so special.