HELLO, Hello, hello

I swear I'm still here.

No, really I am.

I just need to get through this week.
Just this week.

I can put a few research papers behind me.
And a couple of finals....
Then I'll be good to go.

I'll be able to visit you all and sprinkle my little comments over your way.
In the meantime, I'm missing you and am visiting when I can.

6 ripples in the pond:

carrie said...

Hang in there Tabba!

liv said...

Well, at least take a study break and go watch my funny cat video that I made!

flutter said...

Take your time, baby.

jen said...

we'll be here, babe..when you are ready.

Sassy Lucy said...

Hello I found your blog and think we could find a lot to share within each other's lives via our blogs. I will be linking your's to mine, and would love to have you stop and visit mine when you can. Take each moment as it comes, sometimes that is all we can do.

Aliki2006 said...

Yes--don't forget those study breaks!