A Trip To The Sacred Place

When I walk through the door, I become awash in soothing smells.
A mixture of a subtle oil and maybe a slight whiff of coconut.
The air has a hint of smokey smell and ambiance to it.
It's not overwhelming and it is just barely noticeable.
Possibly from the candles that sprinkle the room.

The room is dark, comforting, warm.
It is a room I fear I don't want to leave.
It is almost uterine - in that it feels like the safest and most comfortable of all rooms.

Ethereal pictures are on each and every wall.

Each detail of the room makes itself known on its own due time.

The music, which has been playing all along, decides to make its entrance into my slowly de-clouded and de-cluttered mind.
It has soft beats, soothing panflutes dance their way into my ears and weaving and winding its way into every pore and cell.

K says to me in a voice that meshes with the whole vibe of this room in such a perfect way, to have a seat, remove my shoes and socks, and to hop up onto the table.

She instructs me to lay down.

And she guides me through deep, cleansing breaths.
I inhale deeply through my nose
exhale every ounce of breath through my mouth.

It is so quiet.
And my breathing seems as loud as an elephant sneeze in this peaceful, modest room.

K guides me through meditation
and leads me to my sacred place.
Where she leaves me feeling content and happy.

Suddenly I become intoxicatingly dizzy.
I feel very much like I have the dreaded, drunken room spins.
I think to myself if I feel like this the entire time I am here I will probably get sick.
as quickly as it came
it was gone.
And I felt a slight nudge on my lower back that seemed to originate from the table.

By this time, I am so far gone that the only way I know she is there is that I feel the warmth of her hands touch my head and this inspires a memory or a thought.
She cups my ears and these memories and feelings become so intense.
I well up with tears.
She moves her hands to hold my shoulders
and the tears stop.
And one lonely tear escapes and makes its descent down my cheek.

K moves to my abdomen and then quickly walks away.
She returns and places a stone on my stomach.
I only know this by my sense of touch.
She then places a stone under my left hand.

After she places her hands on my stomach, she begins a gentle rocking motion on my mid-section.
This movement, though subtle and gentle, feels so perfectly right.
And again, I am blissfully happy and free as I travel through my sacred place.
The place I miss so much.
The place of my childhood.
The place I will always think of as home.

She makes her way to my knees and my feet.
She returns to my left hand, she keeps the stone in my hand and presses her hands on my hand.
And does the same with my right hand.

K sits down in her chair and politely tells me that I may begin to slowly open my eyes and sit up at my own leisure.
And she will wait with her head bowed and eyes closed
until I am ready to talk.

I do this slowly...
and she looks at me with expectant, excited eyes.

10 ripples in the pond:

flutter said...

I miss doing this for a living.

Emily said...

Lovely. How do I make an appt? Or maybe I should just go buy a coconut candle.

Aliki2006 said...

I wish I could visit that place--it sounds incredible, so rejuvenating, both in spiritually and physically.

Becc said...

Aaaahhhh... the calming sensation....

Are you pregnant!?

Tabba said...


Those days are loooong gone ;)

Jen M. said...

Wow. I felt more relaxed just reading this.

cry it out! said...

This was gorgeous.


KC said...

WOW. Where can I get me some?

jen said...

wow, sister...i love this place of yours. and am so glad you have it.

Super B's Mom said...

Whatever/Wherever/However that is possible.....I NEED SOME OF THAT.