At Your Service

The other morning, while most of the East Coast was adrift in peaceful slumber, I made my way downstairs to try to take care of some much important and overdue blogging (lurking, commenting, reading - you know, that stuff).

A few minutes later, Connor comes down the stairs.
His hair standing up in all kinds of wild angles.
And I chuckle to myself as I watch him stumble over to the couch. His eyes are barely open.
He wraps himself in blankets.
And he says Mom? Will you turn on Cartoon Network?
I think maybe it might help lull him back to sleep. So I say Yeah, I'll put on Cartoon Network.
And he says You're good at service.
I laugh and ask him Why do you say that? What does service mean?
He says Well, you do some of the things that I like and some of the things that I ask you to do. And that is service. And you're good at service.

I was completely amused by all of this. The fact that he's trying on new vocabulary & working out the definitions.
Part of me though, is worried that I'm raising a club-weilding caveman.

4 ripples in the pond:

Joker The Lurcher said...

i love the funny things they say! my son has started practicing stealth. he creeps home after school, trying not to make joker bark. he said "if you are an assassin you have to avoid your victim seeing your shadow or your reflection..."

jen said...

yeah, picture him 16 years from now, same pose, waiting on you to wait on him....we'll see who's laughing then!

thailandchani said...

Yeah.. that's a good point! LOL



Oh, The Joys said...

That is hilarious!