I Am A Mutant

First let me say that I had spent all of this time posting pictures of my flowers and my garden into a semi-interesting post to just have it go to hell.
This post, when I published it, was too much for the rest of my blog to handle it sent the whole thing to go all haywire.
I deleted it & decided to come back to it another time.

So for now, this is all I've got:

Am I the only person on the whole of the Earth that cannot stand the movie Grease?

I understand it has legions of devoted fans.

But I remember seeing it for the very first time at age 10 or 11 and found myself rolling my eyes, plugging my ears with my fingers, and generally relieved when it was over.

And I still feel that way today.

I don't get the big deal about this movie.

I don't know why it irks me so.
It just does.

Sorry to any of you out there that love this movie.
I apologize. We can still be friends just because I don't like it and you do...
I won't hold it against you ;)
I just don't get it is all. What it is about that movie?

And I feel like I'm the only one who feels that way.
Especially considering my gender.

13 ripples in the pond:

thailandchani said...

You are not the only one who doesn't care for it. LOL .. It's not so much a matter of actively disliking it as just being totally indifferent. It's rather formulaic and silly, a combination that usually turns me off.

I wasn't even aware that so many like it. That's how out-of-touch I am with such things.



Tabba said...

aaaah, one more for my corner. I am relieved to know that I'm not the only one :)

deb said...

You are a mutant, I'm sorry to say. I love the movie, mostly because it reminds me of highschool. I came out in 1978 when I was in highschool. It's also a pretty standard story with a happy ending and I like those sometimes. Plus I love the music. Rachel knew all the songs and could sing them when she was little. It was her favorite movie for years.

So, now I don't know about sharing a room with you Tabba. Is this going to rub off on me? Do I need to be immunized? I'm worried, I must say:)

QT said...

Hi tabba - thanks for visiting my blog. July 15th, May's Dream Gardens sponsors a bloom day where you take pics of everything that is blooming in your yard and write a post about it. Maybe you can post one then? I never get tired of pictures, especially of gardens!

As for Grease, the Movie, I can honestly say I am 50/50 on it. I did not see the movie until I was 13 or 14, and it didn't really move me. But I don't hate it, necessarily.

That being said, it makes for some easy karaoke (god, what a strange word that is to spell!)

KC said...

Tabba, I'm sorry, I loved Grease. Olivia Newton John was my idea of a perfect heroine, John Travolta the ultimate cool dude and a high school musical? Dude. I LOVE musicals. The music rocks.

Tabba said...

That is what is weird about the whole thing because I LOVE music. And I do enjoy musicals.

But there is just something about Grease.

Ok, now don't hold it against me ;)

Karen Forest said...

I love the music...but the movie...ahhh, the movie is too cheesy for me. (and I love cheese!)

deb said...

I just reread what I posted and apparently I have come out. No, I'm not gay. The line should read It came out in 1978.

jen said...

oh, you know...i used to work in a group home and we'd get all these little gang banger types with black eyeliner and stiff bangs to totally get down singing the songs and dancing around like little kitty cats. for that, i love that movie.

liv said...

hate it. hate that movie. hated even more growing up with people going "your name's olivia. heh. like olivia newton-john." yeah, except not blonde nor getting physical. shut it. now.

PinkPowerSuit.com said...

No really strong feelings about Grease either way. Like some of the songs.

I do have strong feelings, however, about Blogger and the difficulties it gives me when I try to put in photos. It adds huge spaces between my paragraphs and then when I try to delete them, it doesn't work. I end up having to edit the post about 5 times before it sticks.

Christine said...

grease rocks oh mutant girl!

well if you won't hold that against me we can still be buddies! LOL


i still want to see your garden pics.

carrie said...

No comment on the Grease slam.

I still wuv you! :)