Sunday Morning Song of the Moment

So many days, I come here to bloggy-bloggy land. And so many days I get so many wonderful comments.

Comments from so many lovely, lovely people. Comments and personalities that lift me up, carry me through, make me laugh, make me think in new ways.
Not only that, so many of these lovely people who comment offer up fascinating stories, mindsets, thougts, introspective, personal, and pee-in-your-pants-and snort-at-the-same-time funny posts.
The giving that I have found here is endless.
And beautiful.

Last night, I found The Color Purple on TV. I haven't seen the movie in years and it's been just as long since I've read the book.
And in watching the movie, I found a song that I had forgotten about, but want to send out to all of you who are my sisters out here.
I don't feel I have adequately acknowledged just how much your support of me, my family, my thoughts has meant to me.
And today, I'm trying to do just that.

Here is my song. From me to all of you.
And you all know who you are.

And I take you all with me during the day. You pop up in little tidbits of real life. And I love it.
Enjoy your song. And go shake your shimmy, sistas!
Miss Celie's Blues sung by Tata Vega for The Color Purple

5 ripples in the pond:

Pippajo said...

Oh, Tabba, I am so far behind in my blog reading--AGAIN! I hate when I miss so much of what you've shared! But it sounds like you're chewing on a lot and, it's a cliche, I know, but I just hope you can take small bits of time now and then to recharge and recenter. I understand some of your worries, especially about the job. I keep vacillating between biting the bullet and getting one, just to get over this hump, and biting the bullet and staying home, finding other ways to work things out. Ugh. Neither way is easy, is it?

Keep your chin up. You've got your priorities straight and what's best for your family at heart. That covers a lot.

jen said...

I LOVE this song. I LOVE this movie.

such a great song for us women, for all we go through and can still stand and shake it.

flutter said...

Oh Tabba! I so needed this today. I missed you when I was away

carrie said...

I can't see it!!! Probably due to my slooooooow internet. But if it's the song I'm thinking of - where she's singing in the shanty in her cool flapper dress - I love it. Heck if it is ANY song from that movie, I know I love it! Alice Walker's story is one of my all-time fav's (well, next to Grease - hee, hee!).

Happy Sunday to you Tabba!


Slackermommy said...

You're such a doll! I heart you too.