Wrestling and Words

talking on the phone with the Administrative Assistant who is setting up the arrangements for the new employee orientation, questions were asked. Questions like:

when will we find out exactly what our schedule will be?
what is the attire for training? is there a "uniform" to be worn?

The answer to the 2nd question was: the dress is business-casual for training, but there are days where you will be permitted to wear jeans and there will be days you need to come in sweats. they'll let you know. the days you have to wear sweats are the days where you will be rolling around on the floor doing take-downs.

A Cheshire-cat-grin spread across her face upon hearing "take downs". Oh, she was familiar with them. She has seen her husband do quiet a few of them. She's even attempted a few take-downs during their mock wrestling lessons on the livingroom floor.

The call ended and she shared the information with him.

She feigned worry. i can't do this shit. really. i can't.

he beamed. yes, you can. i'm an all-state wrestler, remember? and you've taken me down plenty of times when we were wrestling. you'll be great. you'll do fine. you'll tear it up. just remember, if you're the best in the class you'll probably end up with the better schedule. and i know you'll be the best in the class. you've got it going on. you're awesome.

yeah. she said.
i know it's true. i just feels good to hear it sometimes.

he throws his head back in laughter. he takes her in his strong arms and kisses her on top of her head. he pulls back and looks deep within her eyes, with a sparkle in his and says

and that is why i love you.

8 ripples in the pond:

Mary-LUE said...

Awesome! (Both the take down ops and your hubby!) I wish I were a take-down kind of gal. I'm more of a failed-attempt-at-a-withering-glance kind.

flutter said...

*sigh* You so can do it...

Joker The Lurcher said...

i find a well-chosen comment useful when e=wearing clothes that would tear in a take-down. something like "you picked the wrong woman to have a fight with!" which my son loves to say (about me rather than himself...)

thailandchani said...

Great! I'm sure you can do it, too...

That Rav sounds like an awesome guy!

(Like your new layout, btw)



jen said...

you so can do that. it will be freeing and exciting and awesome.

Jen M. said...

Yep - you can do it!!

Christine said...

of course you can, dude! of course. ;-p

Her Grace said...

You can do it, but it's great to have that support behind you, isn't it?