Screeching Hault - Updated

The past few days have been a little nutty.

And I won't be posting much here in the next few days.

Rav & I have been sans sleep for the past 3 days.

He is in excruciating pain due to some pesky wisdom teeth.

And I haven't been sleeping due to the fact that my mind just.won't.shut.up.
or just.slow.the.hell.down.
Oh, and because of anxiety.

This afternoon, Rav has an emergency consultation at an oral surgeon and tomorrow will bring surgery on his wisdom teeth.

So, until I'm rested up and Rav is feeling better........

I'll be seeing you then.


Rav is hanging in. Thanks to some prescribed drugs.
Hopefully that means he will be able to get some sleep.

Turns out, that the problem isn't his wisdom teeth at all, but rather a molar that has some nerve issues.
Oh, the nerve! (sorry, bad joke alert. I'm punchy. I've been running on no sleep myself)
So, tomorrow I drive him in for a root canal.
And hopefully he'll be on a road to recovery.
Thanks for all of your comments and thoughts!

6 ripples in the pond:

carrie said...


Having been sleep deprived and dealt with pesky wisdom teeth before, I feel your pain.

Don't worry, this place will still be here when you need it.

Just take care of you, and the hubs. Also -- tell Rav that if he gets that tooth pulled, no drinking through straws!!!! Dry sockets are worse than birthing 9.8lb babies with no medication. Trust me.


Mrs. Incredible said...

Oh, my. I had these wrenched from my head at about 21 years of age and the swelling, and the yuck. So sorry. Please get some sleep whenever and however you can. Hugs.

thailandchani said...

Let us know how his appointment went. Nothing worse than tooth pain, imo.



Pgoodness said...

Hang in there!
I'm due to have my wisdom teeth out in the fall and am NOT looking forward to it. I sure feel the no sleep pain!

Joker The Lurcher said...

yow! i had my wisdom teeth out when i was about 19 and i thought i would be able to ride my motorbike back from the dentist afterwards! how i would have got my helmet on over the hamster face never occurred to me, never mind the fact you have a general anasthetic!

hope rav feels better soon and you get some sleep...

jen said...

poor rav-man. poor you. rest. heal. feel better.