Another Saturday In August

Yesterday, my BFF's middle child, her son, was united in wedded bliss.

Are you scratching your head over that one?

Yes. I did say my BFF. She's a bit older than me. By 20 years.
That's just how I roll people. Most of my peeps are older than I.

Anyway. It was her son's wedding & I woke up not feeling up to attending.
Not because I didn't want to go and have a fun night or celebrate this relationship, this marriage, between the lovely couple.
But because that meant another day (and night) away from my kids.
A month ago, I was salivating over the thought of the kids spending the night away from us.
Now it is totally different.

Gracie had fallen asleep while I was getting ready - tearfully - getting ready.
I did my hair and makeup (holy shit, I wore makeup) all while she drifted on cotton candy clouds and held onto the wings of butterflies.
When she woke up, I was standing at the end of the bed, fully dressed and getting my shoes on.
Gracie popped up and looked at me wide-eyed and said Wow, Mommy. Look at you!!
Buttah, I tell you. I melted like buttah.

Anyway, after dropping them off with my mom to spend the night, we headed off to the church.
The ceremony was lovely. My BFF looked stunning, her son handsome and the bride beautiful.
The reception was held at a lovely place along the water.
Drinking was done, but not in excess, between Rav & I.
My BFF even threw back a few - which she rarely does.
We all hit the dance floor and barely took time to stop cutting it up.
Our heads thrown back, our mouths wide open.
Laughing, chuckling, yelling, hooting.
To see my friend so happy, to see her let go like that made me so happy.

To dance, and sing, and grind with my man on the dance floor made me so happy.
And when I picked up the kids I missed them
I really, really missed them.
And I've been trying to make sure I capture every moment and make it as quality as I possibly can.

For tomorrow starts another week.

Congratulations, J & D. You two make such a beautiful couple. I know that there will be many, many years of happiness ahead of you.

And yes, YOU looked gorgeous my darling. You were radiant and glowing.
And I am so proud to be your friend.

4 ripples in the pond:

jen said...

sounds like a perfect celebration and a needed night out for you.

flutter said...

This made me all teary, what wonderful celebration

KC said...

It sounds like a wonderful evening- it's hard to be away from your kids, but every girl needs to get dressed up and have a night like that every now and then. It's good for the soul too.

thailandchani said...

Sounds great! I like that you are open to having friends who are older or younger than you.