The Art of Calling 'Em Like You See 'Em

My daughter has recently become very interested in other little girls.
So when she sees them when we're out at the store, waiting to pick Connor up from school, or walking by our house she waves enthusiastically and says hello.
Seems rather harmless, right?
It even seems a bit nice.
I should be proud that my little girl is so friendly.
I am. Really.

The other night the famiglia de Ravioli was heading out to pick up a dress that my BFF's daughter was lending me for that wedding we attended on Saturday.
We were walking out the door and as we are doing so, Gracie spots two girls walking down the sidewalk in front of our house.

Like the sweet little darling she is, she is waving at them like there is no tomorrow and saying Hi!!!! (she's so enthusiastic about this)
The older of the two girls (in her teens) smiles, laughs and says Hi.

Gracie is so enthusiastic, remember.
She is still waving and saying hi.
But she hasn't heard a response from the younger girl. Only the older girl.
The younger girl is wearing a black eye patch.

We've seen her before in the neighborhood and she is always wearing the eye patch.
So Gracie in all of her waving enthusiasm says
Hi, pirate!!!!!

I quickly scoot her over to the car, where I commence doubling over and try to stifle fits of laughter.
Because it was so wrong.
And she didn't mean to be.
But she was.

Rav caught on to what happened (he's a quick one, my man).
And we're both caught in a fit of laughter that is probably considered inappropriate.
But what are we to do?

The kids catch on to what we are laughing at.
And the entire way down to my BFF's house we hear from the back seat, in unison
Hi, pirate!!!!

9 ripples in the pond:

flutter said...

That is wrong.

and funny.

and now I want to just say Hi Pirate! Randomly through my day...She sounds like such a sweetie

Mary-LUE said...

O. Mi. Gosh!!!!

KC said...

Well, she is very outgoing and friendly, I'll give you that!

And pirates are very cool...

phenom said...

Awesomeness. hehe

Beck said...

Poor little pirate girl... hee hee hee.

Magpie said...

Hi Pirate! Those kids of ours can make one want to dive under the couch in mortification, while laughing, hard.

Oh, The Joys said...

Ahoy, Matey!

Totally innocent and fun.

Better than, "Hi, drippy eye!"

Aliki2006 said...

Too funny! And just SO understandable and endearing.

deb said...

The first black person my son ever met was a deaf girl, not much older than him. The next time he met a black person, he assumed that all black people were deaf.

I can see the pirate thing so easily, the hard part would have been not laughing out loud.