Sunday Morning Song Of The Moment, by Rav.

It has been several days since Tabba has posted anything. I thought I would post the song of the day today for her. As you all know, Tab recently took a position and began her training. She has had a pretty rough two weeks. This song is one of my favorites, as it never fails to remind me of all of the things we do for each other. All of the sacrifices and hardships we endure, for one another. It makes me realize that no matter how crazy life gets, we can always make things better just by being together. Tab may have posted this one before, but I couldn't find it in the archives. If so, who cares, we could all use a little more dixie chicks...

5 ripples in the pond:

deb said...

Dear Rav, I think Tabba is a lucky woman to have you for her husband and you are lucky to have her. It was a lovely song.

I watched a documentary about the Dixie Chicks the other night and have a huge respect for these women who stood up for what they believe.

Give Tabba a hug from me. Thanks Rav.

jen said...

Tabba and the DC, both weathering tough times at one point or another. Rav, you always have my vote, man. Hug your girl for me.

thailandchani said...

Love that song! One of my favorites.

My best to both of you. I can only imagine it's a rather rough adjustment.



flutter said...

*waves* The Tabbarav!

carrie said...

Those chicks rock! And so does your wife!

Thanks for keeping the world at bay for her. You both are so lucky to have eachother's support - it's beautiful!!!

Hang in there Tabba. You can do it.