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Last night, Rav & I joined his parents, his three older brothers and their wives at a wedding for a childhood friend of all of the Ravioli brothers. (if you'd like to check out my brother-in-laws post on the wedding and some pictures of the famiglia de Ravioli, check out fatmarc)

It is very rare that all 8 of us (the brothers and the wives) are together in one room anymore because of busy lives, geography, kids, etc.
So when we all get together it really is a treat.
And we are often looked upon as that table or oh, those people.
It's not a bad thing. In fact it's quite funny.

The wedding took place in a beautiful church in center city Philadelphia.
The bride and groom were stunning.
Both families looked wonderful, proud, and happy.
The bride is of Philippine descent and it was lovely to see some of her culture blended into the ceremony.
All of the guests made the walk to the venue which was just a few blocks away.
And the reception venue was absolutely gorgeous.

Rav & I have become quite the wedding connoisseurs lately, as we have been to approximately 11 weddings in 4 years.
And this wedding was pretty tops for many reasons.

The friendship, love, and harmonious blending of different cultures, backgrounds, orientations was so elegantly pulled off.
And there are many details I could delve into.
But the bottomline is that all of the exterior things, the things that categorize people really shouldn't matter.
And this couple got that - gets that.
At the end of the day, love is love. It has no bounds and it doesn't exclude.
It is there in the beginnings and endings of the days despite the petty trappings we try to confine love to.
Love doesn't always conform and love doesn't look for norms.
Love just is.

When we were seated at our tables we were given a card that thanked the guests for celebrating, it offered an email address where you could send any pictures you have taken of the day to share with the bride and groom. And on the back of the card was this wedding favor:

In lieu of favors we have made a donation to "Freedom to Marry" to support those who are denied the right to enter the institution of marriage. Today we celebrate the finest and most noble expressions of marriage - love, commitment, and responsibility - while rejecting discrimination and prejudice.

I thought this to be the most noble gesture two people could make on a day to beat all noble gestures.

My heart forever melts for this couple who so rightly love each other and love others so eloquently. I raise my glass to J & K. A couple so deserving of a love and life full of endless possibilities.

This song is for them (it is the song they danced to) and for all of those who have someone but by some ridiculous right-wing agenda cannot enter into the institution of marriage.

I hope you enjoy Forever by Ben Harper

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Pgoodness said...

That is by far the best thank you-wedding favor I have heard of. What wonderful people. Love just is. Yes, it is, thankfully.

And I love being that table and those people. The most fun and laughter is always there, I've found. Sounds true for you guys as well.

Aliki2006 said...


And I'm amazed at the number of weddings you've been to (and jealous, too). I can't think of too many people left we could see get married and I LOVE weddings!

flutter said...


What a beautiful day and a gorgeous song

jen said...

you are the wedding attendees of the year i think.

this one sounds really terrific.

Joker The Lurcher said...

sounds great fun! i love the pic of all of you round the table

carrie said...

That's a beautiful song.

And that couple sounds mighty fine too, how thoughtful of them to think of others on their special day.

Beck said...

I MISSED a family wedding this weekend. Gah!
Your taste in shelving is fine, by the way - the shelves photographed nicely, but they're made out of PLASTIC!

Magpie said...

That is indeed a great wedding favor. Sounds like it was fun!

Tabba said...

beck - plastic? in the picture they look like they are wood.
wow, they photography quite nicely.

Tabba said...



KC said...

I'm headed to a wedding soon myself, hope it is as full of love and joy as this one. (I also hope I don't ruin it by not doing the readings I've been asked to do justice!)