I Love You, Man!

It's been just barely over a year since I've started blogging.
And from time to time I go back and reread all of that "original" content and cringe a bit.
Back then I was trying to find my voice here, trying to figure out what it really and truly was that I wanted to say, and trying to figure out how much of myself I wanted to expose.

I tried to figure this whole blogging thing out.
And I'm not sure if I've really made any progress in that department or not.
Because much of it still baffles me.
Trying to assign 3-D circumstances to 2-D interactions can be difficult.
And finally letting go a bit and ignoring my statcounter was a HUGE help.

What caught me most off guard is the sea of friendly voices, supportive voices that are so willing to lift others up (including me).
You've done it time and again and I am so grateful and lucky.
I put a post up about a serious thought, issue, a happening, a funny little tale, or where I gush about my kids and my man and you all respond.

Some of you have even been kind enough to nominate me for awards.
Awards that I've lost the buttons for because I've changed my template so many times (and forgot to save those things before I made the change).
Some awards I could easily get the button for, but to be honest have been just too lazy to put up (mostly because I feel that maybe I don't deserve them).
You all always think of me.
And I, you.

Yesterday, Mary-LUE awarded me the following award:

And I believe the deal with this award is that I have to pass it on to 7 people. I really don't know how to pass this on to only 7. So, the only fair way I can think to do this is if you are listed in my blogroll, I am formally passing this on to you. If you have this award already, then bonus. If not, the button is now yours.

Because each and every one of you deserves it.

For any men in my blogroll - that would be you Denguy and Phenom's World - sorry about the girly button. You don't have to display it. But know that I am passing it on to you, as well.

So, seriously....look over there. If you are there, the award is yours. Don't be shy. Take it.

And, thank you for being friends.

10 ripples in the pond:

jen said...

such a nice heart, sister.

Pgoodness said...

so sweet!

flutter said...

You are really lovely.

deb said...

Thanks sweetie.

phenom said...

Woohoo! My first award! You're the best!

carrie said...

I can't think of a more appropriate award for you, Tabba!



thank you.

Jen M. said...

Dang! You are too great. What a great post to come back to after vacation.

AND I so hear you on letting go of the sitemeter. Much more important to find our voice and let the authentic relationships just happen here in the blogosphere.

Beck said...

Aw, thanks!
Ignoring sitemeter - I WISH. Too many days I judge my self-worth by my stats counter, which is DUMB.
I think you're doing good work here.

KC said...

Aw, love you too!

Girly award! Girly award! Girly award!

Aliki2006 said...


Perfect for you.