Sunday Morning Song of the Moment

I don't know about all of you, but the next month to month and a half are going to be insane.

Let me amend that.
Every weekend from here on out is going to be insane.

My dad & I caught up with each other via a phone conversation. And I know at the end of it, I felt like we were deeply immersed in the Cat's In The Cradle song.
That's just not a good feeling.

I find that I tell my kids about 9,000,000 times a day
One more minute.
Hold on a second.
Maybe another time.
Not right now.
We'll see.
I'm not sure.
In a hot second!!
You get the picture.

Sometimes, I long for rainy days where staying in PJ's until dinnertime is mandatory.

Those days where you don't feel bad about being packed on the couch like sardines.

Days where you eat your weight in snacks.

Days where you wake up, look outside and say

Today is a day made for coffee mugs, homemade pancakes, and tickle fest after tickle fest.

This is what I wish for you all too.

The summer obligations are exciting. I enjoy celebrating new beginnings for friends. Family "vacations", graduation/anniversary parties.

But it's nice to have a weekend all of our own.

Especially in the summertime.

For now though, we'll have to pretend.

So, here's my song. For all of you out there.
Busy or not so busy.
But those that just want to take the day one minute at a time.
Those who want to stop time,
take the time to walk slowly,
and those who want to smell the flowers.

It's got a good vibe. And a little lighter from my normal picks. I don't want to depress anyone, for I know that I lean toward heavier things.

Banana Pancakes by Jack Johnson

7 ripples in the pond:

thailandchani said...

I absolutely love Jack Johnson! He's one of the few I listen to regularly.



Queen of the Mayhem said...

I find myself saying the same things to my kids. I often wonder how it is that I feel as though I run around like a chicken with my head cut off and yet never can remember what I've done!

I may just need one of those tickle fest days! :)

flutter said...

ok, plus he's cute. Sorry it had to be said.

remember to breathe Tabba girl.

jen said...

one minute at a time.


Her Grace said...

I love this post. I'm always saying those same things and wishing I could take them back the minute they come out of my mouth. I love sunny summer days, but sometimes when rain makes us stay in and take it easy, it's the best kind of gift.

Great song...I love your Song of the Moment posts.

Hang in there as you transition to your new job. Will be thinking about you!

PinkPowerSuit.com said...

Oh BLESS you! Jack Johnson is my other back-up husband. I'm not even that attracted to him, really. I've just always been a sucker for a guy with an acoustic guitar and a good voice with a lack of ego. Banana Pancakes is a favourite song. Probably my all-time favourite and for a few reasons.

I've been feeling all Cat in the Cradle lately too. It's an ill feelilng. Ill.

carrie said...

Now, if I could just get Jack Johnson to come and actually make the banana pancakes for me, that'd be heaven!

Love that song. Thank you.