I have nothing that I can think of to blog about.
Saturday is going to be a bit hectic.
It will consist of work in the morning.
Followed by a wedding shower.
All this while poor Rav is forced to take both kids to a birthday party for one of Connor's classmates.
Then more work all day on Sunday.
I'm afraid I might have to skip the song for the Sunday Morning post.
If you have any suggestions for a song, I'll make it a request-a-thon.
Give me your suggestion and I'll pick one.
Because, quite frankly, I just can't think anymore.

2 ripples in the pond:

Jen said...

"Somewhere Over the Rainbow" by that Hawaiian guy, Israel Kamakawiwo'ole (or however you spell it!).

LOVED the laughing pics!!!! i couldn't help but smile and laugh. i'm a wide-open-mouth laugher, too.

p.s. i never would have guessed that you're 5'1"! my mental image needs some reconstruction.

jen said...

Hallelulah by Leonard Cohen? there are so many ways to take that song.