Weird Speak

I know everyone has cute kids. And I know other people's cute kids say things cute and/or funny. But nothing compares to the cute and/or funniness of your own semi-sometimes cute kids. Here's a brief list of my kids' weird speak:

If he asks for worm noodles with stinky cheese, he is asking for elbow macaroni with Locatelli (Pecorino Romano) on them.
If he is asking for stretchy noodles, he is asking for angel hair pasta.
If he asks to go to the green store he is asking to go to Target (because the greatland on the sign is in green, nevermind the fact that Target is known for Red).
If he asks to go to Mimi's Wal-mart, that is the Wal-mart in the hick town of Elkton near where my mother lives.
If he asks for brown ketchup, he is asking for A-1 steak sauce.
If he is asking for a black cookies, he is asking for Oreos.
If he asks you about your bumbos, run away with your arms across your chest, for he is inquiring after your Ta-tas.
If he asks for chicken meals, he is asking for chicken nuggets.

Mank You - that would be (surprise, surprise) Thank You.
Pick-a-minkle - that would be Periwinkle from Blue's Clues.
Bub-ohs! - that would be bubbles.
Yinoculars - Binoculars.
And we can't forget her eye-talian speak when she says, Ah bump-ah my head. Which is eye-talian Gracie speak for "I bumped my head".
If she asks to listen rolling up the wall, she is asking to listen to "Back to Black" by Amy Winehouse.
Watch baby kids sprout - She wants to watch PBS Kids Sprout.
I have a buzzy in ah-my head. - She has a fuzzy in her hair.

I know these things are nothing special really. That every family with a kid running around in it or had a kid running around in it at one time has this type of thing to share.
But they are my kids. So that sets them apart. And it makes me smile.

8 ripples in the pond:

Mary-LUE said...

I think Pick-a-minkle and brown ketchup are my favorites!

Slackermommy said...

Too cute! My older kids have left that stage and I miss it. At least I've got another one who'll be entering that stage soon.

Tabba said...

mary-lue: pick-a-minkle is my favorite. As for Connor's worm noodles with stinky cheese gets me because of how many people he has "inflicted" with it. And to see their reactions is just too funny.

deb said...

Those are the things you remember forever. My son liked a song called "Destination Unknown" but he called it, He not know where he going.

Tabba said...

Deb: That is hysterical!! Thanks for sharing the laugh.

Joker The Lurcher said...

we still use the words my son used, even though he has long stopped it and is rather scathing.

begads = teabags
cuppa teas = cups of tea (i have everyone at work saying this now too)
controllive = controlling only more so
ickbillion = pavilion (as in brighton rather than one in the garden)

i bet you keep them too!

Denguy said...

"brown ketchup" that's good. I still call HP Sauce "brown sauce."

Boyo says "wumping" instead of "something", and "hundy" for "hungry" those are my favourites.

jen said...

you are pretty, girl.

of course it makes them special. who cares if other kids are cute too. it doesn't diminish what you feel.